Last month our bro’s on pedal had a tragic accident while on duty as a bike messenger at Bandung. Inggit should do a surgery for the broken left shoulder. I don’t know exactly the chronology is, but all i knew from Eca, he was doing his job as a bike messenger and then in the middle of duty he got crash with truck driver who didn’t see he was already giving a sign to the right side of street.


The Surgery has been through, and then Indonesia Bike Messenger Association(IBMA) decide to make an alleycat charity to show the careness of being a family. The Alleycat is held by 9(nine) Bike Messenger Company in 9(nine) different town. The Town is Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Pasuruan, Jember, Yogyakarta, Sidoarjo, Medan, Lampung. All the money from the register is down for the donation.


If you interest to do a donation for our buddy Septian Inggit Herawan you can still do it, through his Bank Account BNI No. 053-838-1788 (Septian Inggit Herawan) or if you in the different country try to hit the email via for the paypal account. Many thanks for everything kind of your help,  Safe ride guys.