Second day at Malaysia we(Bidonesia) separated with Gibran because he decide to move to different hotel and also he got something to do, and then early morning we start to find something to eat because we already hungry,  after a little bit cruising around the Ipoh town while we searching something to eat and we stopped by restaurant at little india near the hotel, i can tell you the food in here is very delicious and very very good, i’m not wonder why Aji grab a two slice chikens, hahaha.

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We already full, and we ready to continue cruising around the town to search a good place for take a photos like a normally tourist do, and for the social media needs. Ipoh had a good architecture buildings that make the town looks very like an old town which is very good to me to search a good place to take a photos, maybe one day i’ll go to Ipoh again.

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After take a photos in any different place sadly rain has fall while we riding to another place, so we just take a break and continue when the rain is already stop, but sadly the rain is just don’t want to stop until the night is coming, so we decide just go to the hotel, grab some dinner and take a rest.

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