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The third day is the race day, but in the morning we’ve got some issue, we can’t spend in the same hotel again, and then Me and Aji try to search a new hotel or maybe a dormitory which is very affordable price, because we just had one spend night in Ipoh and then the next day we choose to spend our time in Kuala Lumpur so we can easily go to the airport.  After moving to the dormitory we grab a breakfast, as always we choose Nasi Kandar, for we it a good choice, cheap, easy and also delicious hahaha.

We got full and beside the others just stay in the dormitory take a recovery for the night race, Me, Niki and Aji go to Aman Jaya Terminal to register the race. All the way to Aman Jaya Terminal is very funny story, first we catch the wrong way, second rain covering all over body, and third we chased by a pack of dogs hahaha, such a long journey till we make it to Aman Jaya Terminal. Touchdown to Aman Jaya Terminal and met the staff who handle register Holy Crit, the staff is very lazy and unfriendly, he don’t serve me such a good consumer. Done register the Holy Crit with a little bit pissed off with the staff guy, and then we go to dormitory to take a rest for the night.

*Don’t forget this Friday go to Bogor at the “Friday Coffee” event, Me and Bidonesia make a little short trip video about that, and will be premiere this Friday, more info at Dermaga Fixed Gear

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