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2 weeks ago one of the biggest local brand called Bodypack threw a big competition in Bandung, with the help of Sahabat Sewog they make some serious event to threw up. Especially for the starter in 2017 is a good sign for fixed gear scene in indonesia, why i so proud? because they threw a Fixed Gear Freestyle Competition, you can say where is the FGFS Rider? and where is the FGFS Competiton? are they still exist? i can’t say anything just watch the video bro. “Move The Wheels” the name of the event and i think this event had the best respond from the fixed gear community, all fixed gear rider in Indonesia came in to join and play, and you know what? that my friend from Malaysia came in here too to join the FGFS comp. Not just the FGFS comp but the Alley Cat Race is great too, as always Bandung had a special contour that make you feel regretful about yourself hahaha, Spread the Checkpoints in the hill and in the downtown, and one that make it perfect is big rain complete us while race start. Thanks to all of you who attended in the event, and Thanks to Jerry and Karfi for helping me catch the clips, and pretty much love for Bodypack and all of Friends that make this happen, and congratulations for all the winners. Lets watch and hope you enjoy it.





Photo Credit: Karfianda