This is the second time Siklus Cycling threw Super Balap Liar but this time the track race is from Jakarta to Bogor, which is the distance is around 55 KM,  it may be more difficult than before, because the contour from Jakarta to Bogor is a little bit hilly and its gonna be more exhausting. After one and a half hour the first racer finish and the time  a little bit faster than before(one hour and fourty five minutes). So impressive, Arvy take the 1st place, twice in a row since Siklus Cycling made the Super Balap Liar, and congrats for Bintang (2nd) and Jaka (3rd) too, for all the participants don’t be sad and keep pedaling.  After the race is down, Bogor Fixed Faction make a short screening movie of Ngariung 2017, and you can watch the video of Ngariung in here.