UPRIL APHILL 2017 (1 of 1)UPRIL APHILL 2017 (2 of 4)UPRIL APHILL 2017 (3 of 4)UPRIL APHILL 2017 (4 of 4)

Its been a month since Upril Aphill 2017, Uprill Aphil is one of the favorite fixed gear event in Bandung, because you all must race through crazy hill and the finish destination height is between 500-700 MASL, you can imagine that? its very high for me and maybe i can’t even climb it with fixed gear bikes hahaha. But really glad this year is more participants interested to join the game, and what the different from a year before is because we collaboration with local brand called Bodypack, so Bodypack support us to back up the finish destination, and this year is time for Vitamin Sea Seafood cafe to be our  finish destination. After all riders shredding the hill and get exhausted they deserve to eat the seafood dish, and Congratulations to the Winners(1st Yannuar, 2nd Roman, 3rd Arvy). So my dude Jerry of Far Away From Home made up that video, so you can watch it, why not you enjoy the video.